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The (Fill in) & The Irish Wolf

Target: Early 2023 

This curiousity of attempting an Ironman was agnited in the Gran Canary while filming the departure of Karen Weekes for the She Can Do 21 project. My blood was already adventure thickened at this stage so, when I myself and Constantin had a few, surprisently tasty pints of the black-stuff in the Irish Tavern and he suggested taking on the challenge of an Ironman, I blindly accepted. 

This man, at the age of nearly 60 had completed 50 Ironman and 9 ultra's. I thought to myself, sure if I can't complete it it, surely Constantin will carry me some of the way! 


Basic Core Training per day

1. Push Ups (5 sets (throughout the day); stopping 5 reps short of failure) partnered with Superman Press Outs (20 per set) & V-Sit Up Scissors (30sec's per set). 

2. 30 Pull Ups (Use Band when needed). Add Reverse Hammer Curls. 2 minute count with whatever weight I have around me at the time. (These will be really helpful for my climbing too). 

3. Bulgarian Split Squat (20 per leg - 3 sets) & Wall Sit (1 min between rounds)

4. Calve raises - slow (3 sets per side, max 10reps - increase weight). Calve Launhers (3 sets, 1 min on). 1 1/2 raises (3 sets - straight, toes pointed out, toes pointed in). 

5. Adductors - Tension band. Superman Back & Balance (Add 2/3kg plate in each hand). Side laterial raises (shoulders - 1 1/2 movments). Hips (lying on your side, lift one leg up & point toe to ceiling - 2min). 

6. 10mins - 8 Abs exercises; Crescent Tucks (45sec), Backyard 7's (45sec's), Swipers (45sec's), Side bicycle left (45sec), Side Bicycle right (45sec), Mountain hip-dips (45sec), Frog V-Up's (45sec), Side scissor crunch left (45sec),  Side scissor crunch right (45sec), Corpse crunch (45sec). If there is energy left - finish with Russian twist. 

Structure Chats:

Structure A Training Plan | Triathlon Training

Aerobic Foundation (Aerobic Base has been achieved once an athlete can move by event-specific means (run, bike, swim, etc) at 70% of max heart rate for a period of four hours). 

80/20 ratio while training

80% is low heart rate 20% intense training

Reference links:

Note: I love how direct and informative Jeff Cavaliere is. His descriptive but yet concise breakdowns of 'why' and 'how' to exercise in the most productive way is very refreshing.


'Learn from the physical therapist and strength coach Jeff Cavaliere, exactly what he does with his professional athlete and celebrity clients. Put the science back in strength to build muscle, keep your muscles and joints healthy and to improve your overall athleticism...Rules of Conduct: This channel is for those looking to learn. Period. No racism/hate speech. No inciting/spreading drama. No advertising or self-promotion of any kind'. 







Art direction - Alex Kaminski

Design - Alex Kaminski

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